What is Off-road Romania guidebook?

It is the first national guidebook of Romania with routes on off-road tracks and secondary roads.


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The guidebook will be printed in English, Romanian and Czech (minimum 800 pieces/language), for those that love the smell of books. It will also be available for your smartphone (Android and iOS), on a mobile app that will have offline maps. The tracks can be used by motorcyclists, cyclists and 4x4 drivers.

Any option you choose, you only need to love going off-road and enjoy getting dirty.

We chose only routes that are on public roads, outside of reservations or other protected areas. We want to promote the Romanian countryside, so that will be our main focus.

Of course, we didn’t forget the important sights of Romania: Danube’s Gorges, Brâncuș's sculptures from Târgu Jiu, town of Sibiu, Olt Gorges, Transfăgărășan Road, fortified churches from Transilvania, Râșnov Castle, Ceahlău Mountain, ceramics of Marginea, monasteries from Moldavia, the ridges of Bucovina, Maramureș villages, Cluj-Napoca, Padiș Plateau, Moților Country, the villages from Poiana Rusca Mountains or alpine Banat.

  What can you find in Off-road Romania guidebook ?

   A 3050 km long route.

Descriptions of each route, details about the sights that are worth visiting, maps for navigation, contacts of the recommended accommodations and legends about the places you will visit.

  The mobile app

It will have the option of downloading maps for offline use.

The print will have detailed maps that will help improve your navigation skills and GPS tracks of each route.

  How can this guidebook help tourism in Romania?

We want to set a direction for two wheel tourism in Romania.

Few touristic activities have been planned and promoted by specialists. The effects are already visible on a lot of well-known sights and they will amplify in the future. Two wheel tourism is one of the most exposed activities because of a simple fact: nobody knows where you are allowed to ride your motorcycle.

Why will we succeed? Because each of our team members is a specialist and because for us traveling is a way of life. We have already published three guidebooks: "Apuseni Mountains", "Touring Romania" and “Offroad Tracks in Bosnia-Herțzegovina".

The image of Romania in the world should be associated more with the countryside, wilderness and other values then the well known “Dracula” brand.From the first guidebook we promoted the small family businesses from Rosia Montana and we wrote down the legends of the gold miners from the Metaliferi Mountains.

Also we believe that the interaction with the people, exploring legendary places or tasting food cooked on wood stoves will be a great experience in Romania.

  We already finished the fun part

The details of the project were set from the spring of 2017 and in the summer we rode across the whole country to map and take pictures of all the interesting places.

  There is still a lot of work

While we still dream the starry nights that we spent in the tent, we are writing down what we saw, in order to try and convince travelers to ride on our tracks. When all is done, with a little bit of magic, the help of our designer and the development team, we will prepare the print layout and the mobile app.

  The release

In the spring, at SMAEB (Motorcycle, Accessories and Equipment saloon from Bucharest) we will launch the Off-road Romania guidebook.

In the end, we will ride again to new destinations. This is not part of the project, we are just bragging.

  Did we convince you ?

Order the guidebook now or get one of the adventure packs from here:

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  The team

Photographers and riders: Diana Cordea, Marian Bălan

Translation to English and proof reading: Florin Ștefan și Ana-Maria Cordea

Designer: Petre Nicolescu

Mobile app development team: Radu Savu și Peter Szasz

Riders: Felix Predescu și Marian Bălan.

Coordinator, cartographer, autor and rider: Călin Nucuță