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There is no need for a description of BMW Motorrad.
Although, we must say that without the support of the BMW Motorrad team from Romania, this project would not be at this stage.



Motul sets in motion any motorized vehicle with the right lubricants. Excellent products for optimal performance, durability, more safety and a reduction of fuel consumption.
Motul - you first class lubricants specialist.

Lyndon Poskitt? Races to Places? Does any of these seem familiar? If so you have surely heard of the Swiss brand Enduristan.

If you haven't heard yet, Enduristan designs and builds premium motorcycle luggage and gear. As Enduristan Romania we proudly promote this high quality brand.

Invest in quality and create lifetime memories!

Safe trips!

Put together 2 petrol-fueled IT motorcyclists and a lovely lady to organize them. Add dreams and passion and we’re in full swing. We invest in quality and offer quality motorcycle gear of all kinds to the Romanian market.

See you on the trails!


Heavy Duties is a company made by two brothers with the support of many friends whose common passion are motorcycle trips.
Heavy Duties is producing panniers, protection devices and accessories for motorcycles.
They also deal with manufacturing aluminium boxes, protection devices and accessories for ATV's and off-road cars.

The goal of Mechatronics is to be different from the tipical motorcycle service in Romania, more serious, better organised in repairing bike and shipping parts.Mechatronics company is situated in Cluj-Napoca, on Kovari Laszlo str. no 3 (see the map). The working hours are from 10:00 to 18:30.
We can help you with repairs, maintenance, selling parts and platform shipping of your bike.



Media Partners is the biggest motorcycle website from Romania. Here you will find the latest news, bike tests, interviews and stories.


Who are we?
A small, passionate team of motorcycle enthusiasts. We have a vast experience in the motorcycle news and we promote motorcycling as a hobby or utility.What do we do?
The website and the Motobikes magazine, that can be found in the InMedio stores. is the only website that you can trust when it comes to buying the motorcycle you desire. Why? Very simple! We offer you a "rating" system that will help you find what you bike is capable of before you get on the road for hundreds of kilometres.