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A true adventure can be lived at full intensity only in wilderness and places full of mystery, where every mile brings something new. In modern society, these places are becoming increasingly hard to find, but some regions of Romania still hold places not yet swallowed by the technology. The Apuseni Mountains are such a place, and for that matter, they have captured the attention of the first edition of Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide.


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28 routes

The second guidebook of the Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project: Touring Romania proposes 28 routes on tarmac that cover all the regions of the country.

Romanian historical regions

The majority of the routes, 21 of them, are covering the historical regions of Romania
like: Maramureş, Banat, Transilvania or Dobrogea. The other 7 take the travelers on the
major mountain passes of the Carpathian Mountains. All of these have a duration of one
or two days.

National routes

For a longer adventure in Romania at the end of the guide 5 longer routes (up to 8
days) have been been proposed by combining the 28 routes.

Mobile App and GPS tracks

Those who prefer digital navigation methods have the option to use a Mobile App or
the GPS tracks available with this guide book.

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