Who are we?

First we are motorcyclists. Then our jobs make us cartographers, tour guides,  programmers, students or designers. Beside these jobs we all saw the potential off an idea and we chose to work on it.

I consider that we are lucky just because we have the chance to work on a passion and a bit mad, because we jumped in a really big boat. The last part is not a problem, because riding bikes involves some madness.

The begining

Like all great ideas this one started while drinking a beer. The first plan that I proposed to Sabin was a big paper map with routes in the Apuseni Mountains and from there we changed everything, time after time, until we got the spiral bound format.

The team has changed a lot during the project. Some came back for volume 2 and with others we travelled all along the Apuseni Mountains. I am talking about the Heavy Duties team, represented generally by Alecu and Ramona. A lot of nights of discussions with them passed by, until we brought the guidebook to the current form.

The difficult adventure routes are typical for these people and the majority of them were done by them. Their life style is very well represented by their firm name, and we recommend you to check their adventures on their Facebook Page or on their website.

Adventure Track 3

Alecu from Heavy Duties


The first photo session with Mihai Barbu and Bogdan Baraghin


The second volume

When we started work on the second volume the team started to work on the mobile app and grow with some really cool people. They made the development work of a big team. Peter was the most impressed by the project and now he is also writing some of the tech articles.

We can not forgot our photographers: Bogdan Baraghin, Mihai Barbu from Photoliu Studio and Flaviu Popa. In just two photo sessions they managed to take pictures worth publishing in National Geographic.

For real, their pictures appeared in National Geographic Traveller, the fall edition 2016.

We did not mention everybody at this point because we will have enough time to know each other.

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