Touring in Romania Mobile app
is now available!

Beside the Touring Romania guidebook, the Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide team has launched a mobile app, for Android and iOS, with all the info of the Touring Romania printed guidebook and an extra navigation function.

Touring Romania – the mobile app

The second guidebook of the Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project: Touring Romania proposes 28 routes on tarmac that cover all the regions of the country.

The majority of the routes, 21 of them, are covering the historical regions of Romania like: Maramures, Banat, Transilvania or Dobrogea. The other 7 take the travelers on the major mountain passes of the Carpathian Mountains. All of these have a duration of one or two days.

For a longer adventure in Romania at the end of the guide 5 longer routes (up to 8 days) have been proposed by combining the 28 routes.


All the mentioned routes are integrated in the mobile app and, for each route you can access:
- the starting point, duration, total length and the difficulty
- detailed description of the route
- contact details from the accommodations
- details and photos of the recommended sights
- the main cities that indicate the route direction



The most important function of the app is the navigation. Each route is marked in the map and also all the elements mentioned above (sights, accommodation, gas stations, etc.). Also you have the Night Mode option, a minimal contact color scheme for the rides that go into the night.

The app has three free tracks, with full functionality. The full version of the app can be bought directly from the app. The cost is 6,99 USD and the buyers of the Touring Romania guidebook have free access.

Why Romania? 

The beauty of the nature has attracted people here since prehistoric times, each culture leaving something behind, from the palm-prints in the caves of the Apuseni Mountains, to the mysteries and legends surrounding the medieval castles that are spread all over Transylvania. The Carpathian Mountains rise to 2544 meters/8,346 feet in the Făgaraș Mountains, but also hide breathtaking voids and steep gorges dug by wild rivers like Bicaz Gorges or Danube`s Boilers.

The mobile app can be downloaded from the links below:



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The C2WG project

A team formed from a cartographer (Nucuță Călin) and a tour guide (Sabin Potinteu) have initiated this unique project. With BMW Motorrad Romania as a main partner, the team has reached over 20 people and until now it has published two printed guidebooks: Apuseni Mountains and Touring Romania. These volumes total 55 motorcycle routes for all bike categories: touring (tarmac routes), soft-enduro (unpaved routes) and adventure (off-road routes).

More details in this post: What is C2WG?