You know that a man likes adventures when he tells you about the shortcuts he tried:
"The road was already in sight. On the GPS It was a kilometer away.

I started to descend the slope and became very steep. I could not turn back so I continued.
The track ended into the river but with the back to the area where it could be crossed. I tried to turn the motorcycle on the side stand but it sinked into the gravel in the river.

It took a lot of time to turn the bike around and I no longer had the power to do anything ...
So I climbed into the saddle, got in first gear and pulled the gas.
I do not know exactly how I got on the asphalt ... "

He is Krzysztof. He is the first biker to complete almost all the routes from our last off-road guide. This was his first off-road trip longer than a day ...
We wanted to organize a contest in which the first biker who completes the route receives a gift. As we thought to apply the idea, our friend from Poland was already close to the end. But we met him and gave him some of our limited-edition t-shirts.

Each of us knows famous people or great stories that inspires you. But sometimes the simple people who enjoy the places they get to have an tremendous influence on you. The photos he took made us feel like we are traveling again through those places and living again the emotions of a new adventure.


Thank you for the visit my friend!