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The deeper you go into the Carpathian mountains, the more real the old legends of the Romanians or the stories about the saints seem. The Eastern Carpathians are the best place to wander because they cover a huge area and several very different historical regions: Bârsei County, Székely Land, Bucovina and Maramureș.

The houses are simple, but the wooden gates have complex symbolism, the churches have very tall spires covered with very thin shingles, their walls are painted in many vivid colors with ancient stories, and the food has a different taste because it is made over fire and from local delicacies. It is the ideal place to get lost in order to find yourself

We are proposing two big tracks, one on tarmac (1434 km) and one on secondary and unpaved roads (1838 km), that follow the same direction from south to north. Bought tracks are splitted in 6 and 7 segments respectively that can be done in one day, with lengths between 160 km and 270 km.

The routes will take you to the castles of Bârsei Country, to the green scenery of Székely Land, where the food is so good, further on the mountain passes that lead to the east and later to the beautiful Bucovina and Maramureș. There are 67 sights on the tarmac route and 75 on the off-road one.

GPS tracks
We are also offering GPS tracks of each track, for easier navigation but also not to miss any of the sights.