2018 Horizons Unlimited Mini meeting from Bulgaria


Last weekend we attended for the first time to a legendary motorcycle meeting: Horizons Unlimited.It took place in another legendary place: MotoCamp Bulgaria. The campsite was celebrating the 10th anniversary. The combination between the atmosphere and people present there lead to a great time.

The start was not so great because the rain was not stopping for over half of the journey. And that was a lot! (550 km from home to MotoCamp). Although we tried to see the good parts of the journey: the new places, the crossing of the Danube with a ferry and a great friend we meet on the way (Doru from MotoCamp Cisnădioara). As we all know the proveb claims the opposite, this time the destination was the best part.
Bulgaria is almost like Romania and the village of Idilevo look like my grandparent's village from the 90's. After we entered the camp everything was greener. Over 30 bikes were already parked and Polly greeted us right away.

This is the point where the adventure began.

The beer was already cold, the food was served exactly after we got the tent up and the discussions were best part of everything. I think the two of us were the only ones that had not left the European continent which was a bit intimidating.
We did not have time to get our heads around because we had to present our project. I tried to make some jokes and surprisingly, they worked. Then I got the audience to listen and in the end they asked a lot of questions. As a small reward for them and as a sponsorship for the event we offered everybody a free Apuseni Mountains guidebook. Everybody loved this idea and came at the end to pick the gift.

The beers continued to come and the stories got even better until around 2 in the morning.
Next day was on repeat: great food, cold beer, heavy rain and even better stories. The time flew so fast that we did not even realized it was already evening and other presentations started again. It was the ladies night because Anna Grechishkina and Anita Fastl told their latest adventure in the world tour they did.
In the next morning we realized that another evening has passed and we had a long way to return home.
The only conclusion that is in our mind right now is that a weekend there was way to short...
Still, we have something very precious from this meeting, beside the new friends: the motivation of creating a Moto Camp like this one in Romania.