6983 kilometers…

... done on the bike this summer.
It's not that much for a motorcyclist but there’s a catch: this is the distance that we travelled to map the tracks of the next guidebook, OffRoad Romania.
This is only the distance that I did because the other team members have also mapped a part of the tracks. Felix mapped a bit over 1100 kilometres and Marian at least 700 km.
If we sum all up we get approximately 9800 km and the resulting track has 2974 kilometres. We don’t have all the statistics yet but we estimate that more than half of these are offroad.

Because we love to work with maps and numbers here are some more interesting information:
- highest altitude of an offroad road is 1998 m in the Parângului Mountains
- highest altitude is on the Transfăgărășan road - 2042 m
- lowest altitude is in Orșova, near the Danube river - 71 m
- the longest offroad section has 78 kilometres and an medium altitude off over 1000 m

And most important, this is the riders team that had fun this summer: