Rolling on K60 Scout

We are rolling big this summer! The mapping trips for the forth Carpathian 2 Wheels Guidebook: Offroad Romania will start soon. As the title suggests it is only with offroad routes and it covers the hole Romania. And, we have managed to get a nice deal for all our readers.

For this we could use some help and we are very happy to announce that we will explore Romania with Heidenau Tiers. To be more specific with set of K60 Scout tires. The choice was made based on experience, because these types of tires are suited for my riding stile. I love to ride offroad but usually I need to cover long distances on tarmac before the fun parts.

The last set of tires was put to work hard as you can see in the picture. I can’t tell the mileage on back tire because the speedometer on my old Africa Twin broke down several times. The front tire rolled in Croatia a few years ago and Czech Rep. last year. So, that is a lot!

To get to the last subject. Heidenau Romania will offer a 10% discount to all their products for our readers. If you have any of our printed guidebooks, when you will make an order add in the Notes section the text: I have one of the C2WG guidebooks and download code from any of our guidebooks and you will pay with 10% less on you order. Off course the offer will apply for the future Offroad Romania guidebook.

This is their website:

We will be back with a review of the tires soon. Hope you will get this offer, ride the routes that we proposed and tell a friend if you like our guidebooks.