We are going offline!

No, we are not leaving to some remote place, even if it seems as a reeeeally good idea...
We have made a big upgrade to our mobile app Touring Romania: now you can use the navigation in offline mode.

Download the maps

A new menu item will help you with this option: Track Manager. Here you will have all the routes from the guidebook and the download button. It could take while to finish the download so we recommend to use a good WI-FI connection. There is also a counter that shows the remaining number of maps you can download. If you run out of space, you need to delete some of the offline maps. A small technical note: the counter will skip some numbers when downloading big maps. The reason is that we have used the medium size of all the maps as a unit for the counter.

Night mode

You have another option in the Track Manager. When you will download a map you will be asked if you want to download the Night mode of the map. How cool is that?
Of course, it uses double the space but if you think you will need it during the night, it will be worth it.

Other news is the fact that now we have separated the free app: Touring Romania Lite from the one that you can buy: Touring Romania. Don't forget, you can access the full version of Touring Romania with the download code from the printed guidebook.

Touring Romania Offline maps Tutorial

You have all the info for Android and iOS in the following video:


We are waiting for you feedback and don't forget to download the mobile app and share this link your friends.

P.S. We will have soon a contest that will involve the Touring Romania mobile app.

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