How to ride more then two hours

My first long journey was on a bicycle, for two weeks around Hungary. One of the major problems was the saddle and it took a few days to get used to that infernal thing.  Upgrading to a motorcycle did not solve this problem. The old Transalp was even worse and at that point there was no solution in sight. A new, comfortable saddle was way too expensive. Now with a ‘95 Africa Twin, still no accessible solution. I knew a few tailors that did some repairs, but none did any upgrades.

Until I found this small company:

After a short talk, I was hooked. Comfort sponge, anti-slip leather or a separation shoulder between you and the passenger. And even an awesome advice: if you ride with a lot of girls you should not get the separating shoulder, because she will be too far away from you… Funny people!

I went for the full traveler option and it feels incredible. They even did something special for my red and white Africa Twin: the seam is made of white and red thread.

On the old saddle the maximum time we can sit was around an hour and a half. Maximum!
Now two hours passed and we forgot to stop. They are sponsoring our latest guidebook, so I will test  it on some offroad routes and I will be back with a review.


Here are some of their (art)work: