This small basin is one of the few pools in Romania, in which the supply and drainage of water is made only by the karst pipelines. Shaped like a lake with crystal water, the Ponor karst spring is the resurfacing point of the waters collected from Padiş lowland and other sinks. Afterwards, the 240 m (260 yards) watercourse continues to the south, meandering once it reached the meadow and heading towards the rocky wall from south part of the basin. Currently, two karst sinksholes are active, but at increased water debits, they can no longer handle it and others located on the dry riverbed, become active, and in extreme situations, the southern part of the meadow becomes an extended lake.

The uncommon charm of this meadow is that it’s mostly covered by a pasture, and sometimes a herd of wild horses graze freely here. This small areal is now declared a natural reservation and camping is prohibited, but the camping from Poiana Glăvoi (Glăvoi Meadow) is closeby.

Getting to Ponor Meadow from the camping site mentioned above is made by following the Red-Cross marking, and then, the Blue-Dot.