New mobile app: Off-Road Romania

Our latest guidebook Off-Road Romania now has a mobile app!

An digital version of the guidebook is necessary for those who are form countries where the shipping is to expensive. Also, having everything on the mobile phone will help you while preparing the journey.
It is available for now in English, Romanian and Czech. You can select the language on the first use and after that you can read a short tutorial on what the app contains.

The mobile app contains all the details in the printed guide, and the full version can be downloaded with the unique code from page 3 of the print or can be purchased from App Store orGoogle Play. A tutorial on this theme can be found on our YouTube channel: Mobile app tutorials.

The first contact with the application contains some introductory details about Romania and what the guide will contain. You can find information about the types of roads, how to avoid dogs, which is the best time to go through the trails or what food to try. The second column contains the 13 chapters (tracks) and each of them has a summary and a long description.

The map can be accessed using the button at the bottom and contains the location of the recommended accommodation units, tourist attractions and difficult sections. If you have phone support on your bike, you can navigate using the application.

It has the same structure and functions as the Touring Romania App. To help see that app to use for your next journey we have created two different app icons for each app.

Touring Romania Icon

 Off-Road Romania Icon

The most important feature is the option of downloading the maps of the routes. Using this you can use the maps when you don't have internet access. You can manage the downloads from the Track Manager, in the Side Menu. You will be asked if you want to download the night-mode of the map, but it will be double in size. You are limited to only a few maps, because they will take a lot of storage space. The option to Delete a map is in the same Track Manager.

A tutorial on this topic can be found on our YouTube channel: Mobile Apps Tutorials


To summaries everything, for each route you can access:
- the starting point, total length, statistics of the roads and the difficulty
- navigation feature with night mode option
- download the maps for the routes
- detailed description of the route
- contact details from the accommodations
- details and photos of the recommended sights

The Lite version of the mobile app has a free track, with full functionality. The full version of the app can be bought and it costs 41.9 RON (aprox. 8.9 Euros). The buyers of the Touring Romania guidebook have free access. You can get the app from here:

Full version - Off-Road Romania

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Free version - Off-Road Romania Lite

Get it on Google PlayGet it on App Store

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