verb [ex·​plore | \ ik-ˈsplȯr]
travel through (an unfamiliar area)
in order to learn about it.


Do you want to explore Romania?

Not just to visit the know sights that are noisy and full of tourists.
To do some some proper exploring of the best views from the mountains, through old green forests or to enjoy the sunset in the endless plains.

Join our off-road tours and we will write a book about it!

Not joking! All the tours we will do this year will be part of a guidebook that we will publish in the spring of 2020: Routes of Transylvania.
You can even name the sections of the routes!

Choose the region that you would like to explore

In a tour will take you only in a certain region of Romania. You can choose out from: Maramures, Bucovina, Transilvania plains, Brasov and Székely Land and Mountains of Banat.

Riding until Romania? we will find the best route for you

After we talk a bit we can recommend the best route to come to the meeting place.  Also, when you leave, if you still want to see more we will find you a new and interesting route.


 Book a tour now ! 

Important details:

  • We do not know the exact route of our tour. We have maps, all the information we need, a lot of enthusiasm and a general idea of where we need to arrive. The rest will be improvised on the way.
  • We will search for moderate routes that can be enjoyed on a big adventure bike. Enduro trails are not our goal!
  • You can name a specific section (difficult or beautiful) and we will use that name in the guidebook we will print in 2020.
  • The accommodation will be choose in the registration form. We can camp of find a place to stay so we can travel light.  It's your choice!
  • The same idea as the one above applies for the food.
  • We will offer you pictures, GoPro videos and drone videos that we will make on the way.
  • You need equipment and a bike that can handle off-road routes (especially off-road tires!). We will not ride if you are not prepared!


This is our adventure from 2017: